Enterprise Awards

To promote Creativity, Adventure, Leadership and Initiative across all fields of skill, knowledge and community service

During the last three years over 250 pupils have participated.  Now in its 7th successful year, the total awarded has increased from £2,700 to £7,000 p.a. thanks to a generous donation by an Old Redingensian.  Individual awards range from £50 to £1000, the balance of the cost having to be raised through individual initiatives. 

Over 120 pupils came to the 2009 launch at which President, Neil Thomason, confirmed the scheme's objectives and explained that entrants would judged on both their creativity in funding raising and on the quality of the project, which must provide evidence of self-development for every applicant.  The choice of project is unlimited and can be from conservation and green issues to science based projects, and from self-development initiatives to third world support.

The Principal and his team are most supportive and a number of staff members actively promote this initiative to the pupils face-to-face. The School intranet system is used to advertise the campaign with posters being positioned in classrooms and meeting areas. 

Awards announced in mid-May and were granted on the combined assessment of the President, Vice President and two Past Presidents, the Principal, and Captain and Vice Captain of School.  The judges were most encouraged by the range of projects submitted both by teams and individuals.  28 boys received awards from 35 submissions and six major winners received a total of £2,950.

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Launch of the 2009 Enterprise Awards in the School Chapel

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